(May 28, 2016)

Plastic Bottle Village is seeking sponsors to supply non-perishable foods such as rice, beans, wheat, sugar, salt, cooking oil, and other dry non-perishable foods, which could be exchanged with less fortunate families in Panama, in exchange for plastic bottles.

 Meaning that we could go back to early civilizations, like before currencies existed, humans used barter (exchanging food for food, goods for food, services, etc).

 Plastic Bottle Village would like to offer dry food in exchange for plastic bottles.

Example: X lbs. of plastic bottles = 1 lb. of rice, or 1 lb. of beans, etc.

This would give less fortunate families the opportunity to obtain food, and by the same token educate people about recycling, and create an incentive to search for plastic money, (PET bottles) to bring to the Plastic Bottle Village to be exchanged for food. Instead of a Gold Rush, we will create a Plastic Rush.

Hoping we will find people on beaches, forests, everywhere, on the hunt for plastic bottles, because it will be new means of survival for them. They will be able to buy dry food with plastic bottles, and these plastic bottles will be reused to build shelters.

Plastic Bottle Village would love to build the first International training center here in Panama by the end of 2016, where candidates of the world could come and learn how to reuse plastic bottles for many usages, and spread the example thru the entire planet. We will set up a non-profit foundation that will channel the donated funds and allow the Plastic Bottle Village to achieve our goal with the help of many concerned citizen’s of the world.... and most importantly, with sponsorships from large corporations like producers of drinks, and non-perishable foods.